Focus on what brings the most value

We leverage great technology and use a refined process to identify and improve each area of your business. We’ll focus on what is important to you that will also have a big impact.

Let us help you take your business to the next level

Optimizing the balance sheet

Top line revenue isn’t everything. Revenue, expenses, cash flow, assets, liabilities and proper accounting all drive towards your company’s value. These are also important if you’re going to sell or get a business loan.

Major Dependencies

How dependent are you on any one Supplier, Customer, or Employee? Would your business survive if one suddenly went away? Resolving these dependencies does two things: prevent you from losing your mind when they do inevitably happen, and let prospective buyers know they are getting a stable company.

Growth Potential

The faster your company is growing the more money it is worth. Instead of just trying to do more of the same, we look at untapped markets, complimentary offerings, and creating a great referral program.

Customer Satisfaction

When you buy a business, they’re buying the customers too. Saying that your customers are satisfied is one thing, proving it is another. Let’s show them how much your customers love you with industry standard satisfaction surveys and great customer reviews.

Owner Dependency

Most entrepreneurs are vital to their business, in the early days you are the secret sauce. Eventually you become the bottleneck. What’s worse, if you were to become unavailable for a few months (ex: accident or vacation) your business could suffer big time. This is a very common problem that we help with regularly.

Employee Motivation

Your employees are your biggest asset, and likely your most underutilized one. Let’s get them fully utilized and acting like owners. When your employees act like owners, they help you solve immediate problems so you can focus on clearing long term issues. This is accomplished through education and incentivization.

Our Engagement Models:

We keep it pretty simple with just three different ways to engage with us. Every engagement starts off with an assessment and review.

Essentials Package

(Starting at $250 per month)

No frills-No fuss. This option is for entrepreneurs that are hands on and love to do it all themselves. We’ll guide you through training in different areas of your business. Don’t worry, we’re here if you need us: we can be available for emails, and ad-hoc coaching sessions.

Growth Package

(Starting at $1,000 per month)

For the entrepreneur that is serious about taking their business to the next level, this is perfect for you. You will work alongside us and leverage our experience as we go through  exercises together. We’ll meet once a month for 1-2 hours and email as much as needed.

Accelerated Package

(Call for Quote)

This is for the entrepreneurs that want to grow fast. Maybe that’s because you’re ready to exit, or you have only three months before your next busy season.